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INOVA, a $3 billion public charity formed to meet the health care needs of the people of Fairfax County, owns 1800 Cameron Glen Dr.  That building was formerly used  as INOVA’s Health and Rehab center with a capacity of 173. The center closed in 2014 and the building has been empty ever since with minimal utilities like heat, water and electricity in place. 

Recently, RestonSTRONG under the leadership of Cornerstones, the Office to Prevent and End Homelessness, the Community Services Board, and the Fairfax County Police Department was part of an initiative to relocate people suffering from mental health and addiction issues that had moved into the aforementioned Cameron Glen building because they didn't feel safe or were not welcome at other facilities. Several of these individuals are now living in tents across Reston since RestonSTRONG was unsuccessful in obtaining any COUNTY provided housing or shelter services for them. 

While the 1800 Cameron Glen building will ultimately be torn down to make way for the Reston Town Center North project, the exact funding for that Reston Town Center North project is unidentified and it could be years before that project moves forward. During this time - the nearly 70,000sq feet of Cameron Glen could be used to alleviate the burden on our current housing crisis while new affordable housing is being built, explored and pursued.

Still, INOVA has plans to demolish 1800 Cameron Glen in the near future and leave an empty, abandoned lot in its place for years or even decades.

In the meantime, 100s of our unsheltered neighbors have no place to go. With Embry Rucker at capacity, and the hypothermia prevention programs coming to an end on Mar 31st - we are bracing for an additional 300+ individuals to join Fairfax County’s unsheltered neighbors in tent communities. 

Restonstrong with the support of several leading construction firms in the area has offered to undertake a feasibility study of 1800 Cameron Glen to determine if it is even possible to repurpose the building as temporary transitional housing. Given the desperate need for housing - pursuing creative solutions and partnerships is critical. Completing a feasibility study is merely conducting the due diligence needed to combat the current tragic state of affairs with 100s waiting unsheltered. 

Unfortunately INOVA has refused to give Restonstrong and the construction firms permission / access to perform the feasibility study.

We ask that INOVA’s Board please reconsider and kindly direct it’s staff to allow the feasibility study to proceed, so we can truly explore the temporary transitional housing use before any demolition. 

We currently have a petition on asking The Board of Directors of INOVA Health Care Services to allow a feasibility study for temporary transitional housing at 1800 Cameron Glen.

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