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Food Rescue

Every day, large grocery stores accumulate hundreds of pounds of perfectly edible food that they must throw away, because for one reason or another, it wouldn't be fit for their shelves. To prevent extraordinary waste, Reston Strong teams up with some of these stores (like Costco and Mom's Organic Market) to rescue this food from adding to our growing landfills. What would otherwise be harmful can instead help those struggling with food security.

Food Delivery

Thanks to donations of cash, food, and volunteer time, Reston Strong is able to do recurring deliveries to...

  • Our neighbors living in tents

  • Cornerstones food pantry at Lake Anne

  • Embry Rucker Shelter

  • Reston Strong's very own Free Market!

Free Market

Starting in the summer of 2023, Reston Strong volunteers have worked to give away free food at our Free Market. During non-winter months, our rescued food is placed on tables under canopy tents in the Lake Anne Plaza parking lot every Sunday from 2-4pm, where anyone can come to select what they need, no questions asked. During winter, we meet at the YMCA teen center (12196 Sunset Hills Rd). This project began to assist the residents of the Lake Anne home, and it has grown to help many in the community who struggle with food security. It has become incredibly popular, and we are happy to serve multiple SUV-loads of fresh fruit, vegetables, bread, and much more. Feel free to visit us or reach out about volunteering!

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