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Share Your Voice

RestonSTRONG's goal is to raise awareness of Reston’s homelessness crisis and to encourage Restonians and others to advocate for and support low income affordable housing solutions for our most vulnerable neighbors.

Since November 2022, we have delivered groceries to our Neighbors in Tents every week. We have also periodically delivered clothing, blankets and as of recently, even tents. We're planning to speak at the upcoming March Board of Supervisors meeting and present two asks that will greatly help our most vulnerable neighbors. For this, we'd love your help! 

We want to put together a combined video of your recordings proclaiming support. We plan to share this video with change makers and show that our network's voice is unified. We've laid out the what, how, and why below and would greatly appreciate your timely support on this initiative.

What can you do?

Please take a min to record a quick selfie video (less than 20secs) saying either "I support RestonSTRONG's asks at the March Board of Supervisors Meeting" or "I support Reston Strong's efforts to help our most vulnerable neighbors."

If you have a RestonSTRONG yard sign, we suggest recording the video while standing in front of it.

How do you upload the video?

  • If you have a google account/gmail, please fill out this form. The form will ask you to upload your video directly into it via google drive.

  • If you do not have a google account/gmail, please send an email to Please include your full name and complete address in your email.

We're asking for your complete address only because it is required by the Board of Supervisors if we wish to present your recording as an official statement of support. Videos without full names and addresses are not permissible.

When do you have to upload/send in the video?

Please upload/send in your video by end of business day Friday, March 25th.

What are RestonSTRONG's asks for the Board of Supervisors?

We have two asks for this BOS meeting:

  1. Modify the Fairfax county zoning ordinance to allow for TEMPORARY TRANSITIONAL HOUSING as a by right use for empty commercial buildings/spaces in Reston.
    With the rise of teleworking, there is also a rise in abandoned/vacant commercial properties all over Fairfax County. Employees are leaving their companies in search of ones that will allow maximum telework. Modifying the zoning ordinance to meet the current and future needs of those living without shelter is a low risk solution to a high risk problem.

  2. Dedicated Mobile Mental Health Crisis Unit based in RESTON as a pilot project ASAP.
    RestonSTRONG recently helped an individual experiencing a mental health crisis who was out in the cold without proper winter attire. We put her up in a hotel and contacted local county services to get her a mental health evaluation. It took over 40 hours to get this team to come out. By the time they did come out to find her, she was experiencing a crisis in such a way that she left towards Montgomery county Maryland. Even during the middle of the night 2-3AM Montgomery county was able to send out a mobile team to assist her within an hour versus 40 hours.

What we are asking for here is low risk. We are asking for a small pilot project for mobile mental health resources and we are asking for zoning ordinance to be changed to allow for temporary use of abandoned/vacant commercial properties. This should be a no-brainer.

Why does your video recording help?

It's important that change makers recognize that we're coming to them as not one voice, but as a community. An ask under a unified voice is more powerful and can drive more change.

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